ThreadX, ARM DS-5 개발환경에서 RTOS Kernel-Aware 디버그 지원

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ThreadX, ARM사의 최신 개발환경인 DS-5 통합개발환경에
Kernel Awareness 디버그를 지원한다는 기사입니다.

Kernel Awareness는 시스템의 Thread와 작업관리 등 정보를 매우 알기 쉽게 제공하여 응용 프로그램 개발 및 디버깅시에 유용합니다. ThreadX RTOS는 ARM DS-5 개발환경을 위한 Kernel Awareness를 최초로 제공하게 되었습니다.
자세한 내용을 확인하고 싶으시면 아래 발표한 원문 기사를 확인해 주십시오.

San Diego, CA, October 24, 2013 — Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOSes) adds kernel awareness for the ARM Development Studio-5 (DS-5) tools. Kernel awareness, which provides greater levels of transparency into the thread and task management of a system, speeds the development and debug of applications. In adopting kernel awareness for the DS-5 tools, Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS is among the first to provide this increased functionality.

Kernel awareness provides on-demand views of kernel data structures such as threads, queues, semaphores, and other objects of interest during the debug process. With this feature, at any point in time, a developer can set a breakpoint and, on hitting that point, easily see the status of all system threads and resources. The DS-5 plug-in provides the following ThreadX RTOS views:

Comprehensive thread list with thread status and objects on which the threads are blocked/suspended, if any
All major ThreadX objects including semaphores, mutexes, memory pools, message queues, event flags, and timers
Stack usage for individual threads
“ARM’s partnership with Express Logic strengthens the position of the ARM DS-5 Development Studio as the only integrated development environment supporting all ARM Cortex processors,” said Javier Orensanz, director of product management, System Design Division, ARM. “Accelerating the development of ThreadX-based systems reduces time to market and lowers risk and cost for software developers focused on markets that include industrial, consumer and medical devices.”

“Already, the ThreadX RTOS has been shown to deliver faster time-to-market on the ARM platform,” commented William E. Lamie, president of Express Logic. “By adding kernel awareness for the ARM DS-5 tools, ThreadX delivers even shorter development time. Developers gain greater visibility into ThreadX objects throughout the development process, giving them a quality, robust option for ARM-based embedded development.”

ThreadX is a small-footprint, royalty-free source code RTOS for SoC and other resource-constrained devices in consumer electronics, wireless networking, medical equipment, and industrial automation. ThreadX supports the full range of ARM processor architectures, including the Cortex-M0/M3/M4/R5/A5/A8/A9 cores, and is used in over 1.5 billion electronic products worldwide.

Developed by ARM architecture experts, the ARM DS-5™ toolchain enables engineers to develop robust and highly optimized embedded software for ARM application processors, such as the Cortex™-A series, Cortex-R real-time processors, and other ARM embedded processors. The DS-5 toolchain comprises tools such as the best-in-class ARM C/C++ Compiler, a powerful Linux/Android™/RTOS-aware debugger, the ARM Streamline™ system-wide performance analyzer, and real-time system model simulators, all conveniently packaged in a user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse.

About Express Logic and ThreadX
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Express Logic offers the most advanced run-time solution for deeply embedded applications, including the popular ThreadX® RTOS, the high-performance NetX™ TCP/IP stack, the FileX™ embedded MS-DOS compatible file system, and the USBX™ Host/Device USB protocol stack. All products from Express Logic include full source-code and have no run-time royalties. For more information about Express Logic solutions, please visit the Web site at, call 1-888-THREADX, or email inquires to

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