ThreadX Certification

Certification Pack™ for ThreadX

ThreadX Certification Pack™은 100% 완벽하고, Turnkey(즉각 사용할 수 있게 되어 있는), 산업에 특화된 독립된 패키지로 성공적으로 ThreadX 기반으로 고 신뢰성 제품을 출시하고 Safety-critical 항공 분야, 의료 분야, 산업 시스템에서 요구되는 Criticality level 인증에 필요한 ThreadX RTOS와 관련된 모든 증거와 함께 개발자에게 제공합니다.

that provides developers with ALL of the ThreadX RTOS-related evidence needed to certify or successfully submit the ThreadX based product to the highest reliability and criticality levels required for safety-critical Aviation, Medical, and Industrial systems. With the ThreadX Certification Pack, developers can concentrate on their application code, and not have to be concerned with documenting, testing, and validating ThreadX itself. Instead, developers can simply submit the ThreadX Certification Pack along with their own certification artifacts for their application, and together satisfy all regulatory requirements.

The ThreadX Certification Pack saves time, saves money, and reduces risk in achieving certification for safety-critical systems. ThreadX has many design wins in the Aviation, Medical, and Industrial Controls markets, most of which have required, and achieved, regulatory approval or certification. Our success in these markets is due to the ease with which ThreadX can be validated based on its well-commented, fully documented source code form, its proven track record of reliability and quality, the responsive support provided by Express Logic engineers, and our customer-friendly business and licensing model. ThreadX has been shown to get developers to market much faster, and with higher reliability then alternative approaches. With the addition of the Certification Pack, Express Logic provides our customers with a market proven, product-ready package that will save them time, save them money, and reduce their risk.

Standards Supported by ThreadX Certification Packs

The following US and International standards are supported with ThreadX Certification Packs

•Avionics – DO-178B, ED-12B, DO-278
•Medical – FDA510(k), IEC-62304, IEC-60601, ISO-14971
•Industrial – UL-1998, IEC-61508
•Transportation/Rail – CENELEC EN50128, BS50128, 49CFR236, IEC-61508
•Automotive – IEC-61508
• Nuclear – IEC-61508

Certification Pack Contents

Each Certification Pack contains the following information, subject to industry-specific variations dictated by the particular standard being addressed:

•Complete testing and documented results for all ThreadX services
•Support for all major US and International safety critical standards Aviation, Medical, Industrial

•Standards-specific process, design methodology & documentation Planning
Configuration management
Quality assurance

•ThreadX Code Full source code and object code for ThreadX on the customer’s target hardware

•Test Source code of all tests
Test results
Code coverage and analysis
Unit/white-box, integration/black-box, acceptance testing
Plan for tool usage

•Results Unit & integration test reports

•Requirements trace matrix
•Delivered 100% complete, stand-alone, ready to submit certification package or artifact package (Medical) that demonstrates compliance Running on the customer’s target hardware
Tested on the customer’s target hardware
Results and all reporting based on customer’s target hardware

•Safety Manual (where appropriate)

Certification Packs Save Time

Successful development teams possess a number of attributes: the ability to execute and meet schedules, the ability to deliver value, the ability to adapt to market demand. These attributes, combined with a clear understanding of what customers want and need, are the key to delivering profitable products. Express Logic can bring these decisive abilities to your development team.

Opportunity does not wait

In today’s fast-paced market, the ability to deliver a quality product before the competition frequently determines a product’s ultimate market share and profitability. In its “Embedded Market Survey” (2009) TechInsights reported that 57% of all software projects do not hit their targeted release date, the average being 4.4 months late. Since market windows do not move, or more accurately, do not move in a positive direction, there are few solutions to this problem. One is to allocate more resources to the project, another is to start the project sooner. Both these options can have a negative effect on other projects and research. A better option involves reducing the scope of a project. By using ThreadX, a COTS RTOS, along with a COTS ThreadX Certification Pack, developers can eliminate man-years or more from their project schedule. For projects that need more than ThreadX, i.e. networking, file system, USB, etc., the time saved by using Express Logic’s NetX™, FileX®, and USBX™ products and corresponding Certification Packs can be significantly greater.

Market Needs Change Overnight

While most safety critical markets move at a more stately pace than consumer electronics, they do experience change. Furthermore, much of this change is driven by commodity software infrastructure such as file systems, user interfaces, and connectivity. While these are commodities, they are complex and getting more complex every day. For much less than the cost of one dedicated software engineer’s annual salary, we will deliver a one hundred percent complete software certification package that meets the highest criticality and reliability requirements of the avionics, medical, industrial, nuclear, and transportation markets. We can help you meet your changing needs in weeks rather than years.

Certification Packs Reduce Cost

Each Certification Pack is typically delivered for less than ten percent the cost of a comparable in-house effort. While we invest heavily in our product line, our business model is based on selling our products many times. We price the product accordingly and amortize the development costs over many different deployments. Based on direct feedback from customers, we typically deliver turnkey, one hundred percent complete certification evidence for less than ten percent of the cost of a comparable in-house development effort.

Reliability is not cheap –but it can be affordable

While the figure varies from $75 to $300 per line of code, everyone who develops safety critical applications will tell you that complying with safety critical software specifications is not cheap. It can be affordable though.

Certification Packs, like commercial operating systems, are more cost effective than in-house development due to the ability to amortize development costs over many customers, the ability to develop the depth and breadth of expertise needed to achieve quality products, and most importantly, the ability to focus on the exclusive value add your organization is known for.

Using our COTS certification products will accelerate your project, save money and most importantly save resources needed for developing other critical components of the project. Using a ThreadX Certification Pack will cut more than eight developer-months off certification related activities, significantly reducing project cost.

Certification Packs Reduce Risk

ThreadX Certification Packs mitigate risk in multiple ways, flexible licensing, fixed pricing, and field-proven experience.

Fixed upfront pricing prior to purchase

Managing risk and expenses is effortless when utilizing Certification Packs and Validation Kits. You will not see any unknown, inexact or post purchase order changes in the costs associated with your project. All Packs and Kits have fixed, upfront pricing.

Flexible licensing and business model

The considerable risk associated with bringing a safety critical product to market need not be increased with outrageous licensing restrictions. Express Logic’s licensing options are designed to facilitate the way you do business, not to constrain it.

Field-Proven Experience

ThreadX has been used by successful companies in over 1 billion deployed products. ThreadX is the ultimate in field-proven reliability, and risk-free RTOS development. See our Customer Showcase for several examples from among our customers’ successful products in aerospace, medical, industrial, and consumer markets.

Certification Pack Benefits

•Zero customer effort is required to test and validate ThreadX (saves time)
•Delivered in a fraction of time relative to an in-house effort. Eliminates approximately eight man-months of development and certification effort (saves time)
• Delivered at a fraction of the cost of an in-house effort (saves money)
•Delivered at a fraction of the cost of other commercial alternatives (saves money)
• Eliminates errors from in-house effort (reduces risk)

Certification Pack Specifications

The Express Logic Certification Pack™ for ThreadX is delivered 100% complete, running and tested on your target hardware, and provides a complete set of tests and documentation to prove the suitability of the ThreadX software for use in end products. The Certification Packs are compatible with virtually any processor and toolset that includes an ANSI compatible C compiler. Available for ThreadX version 5.3 onward, the suite provides complete coverage for all ThreadX APIs and services.

For system certification submission, developers simply include and reference the Certification Pack material in their final device documentation package.
The Aviation Certification Pack™ for ThreadX is a complete FAA/JAA/CAA/EASA/EUROCAE certifiable package of standards, designs, source code, test code and all related documentation for Express Logic’s ThreadX real-time operating system (RTOS). The Certification Pack includes a complete set of standards, designs, test code, trace matrices and all related documentation for certification up through DO-178B Level A / ED-12b, Level A / DO-278 AL1.
The Medical Certification Pack™ for ThreadX is a complete package of standards, designs, source code, and all related documentation for Express Logic’s ThreadX real-time operating system (RTOS) for use in meeting the requirements of FDA 510(k) / PMA / IEC-61508 / IEC-62304 / ISO-14971. The Medical Certification Pack of software and documentation is available for all levels of approval and certification, including FDA Class III and IEC-62304 Level C medical devices.
The Industrial Certification Pack™ for ThreadX is a complete IEC certifiable package of standards, designs, source code, test code and all related documentation for Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS, for certification to IEC-61508.
The Transportation Certification Pack™ for ThreadX contains everything needed to certify Express Logic’s ThreadX Real Time Operating System in devices certified to EN-50128, BS-50128, IEC-61508 and 49CFR236 Subpart H. The Transportation Certification Pack™ is suitable for use at all levels of certification, including the highest criticality – SIL4 (IEC-61508) and SIL 5 (EN50128, BS) systems.

ThreadX Certification Pack™ Contents Summary
Part Number Name Aviation Others
Core Documents:
SRS-AA00.pdf Software Safety Requirements Specification   X
SCMP-AA00.pdf Software Configuration Management Plan X X
SDP-AA00.pdf Software Development Plan X X
SQAP-AA00.pdf Software Quality Assurance Plan X X
SVP-AA00.pdf Software Verification Plan X X
SWRD-AA00.pdf Core Software Requirements Document X X
SDD-AA00.pdf Core Software Design Document X X
SITP-AA00.pdf Core Integration Test Plans and Code X X
SUTP-AA00-xx.pdf Core Unit Test Plans and Code X X
VSTD-ACODE.pdf Assembly Language Coding Standard X X
VSTD-CCODE.pdf C Language Coding Standard X X
VSTD-SWDS.pdf Software Design Standard X X
VSTD-SWRS.pdf Software Requirements Standard X X
VSTD-CRPR.pdf Code Review Procedure X X
VSTD-DRPR.pdf Document Review Procedure X X
DRS-AA00-XX Document Review Sheets X X
CRS-AA00-XX.x Code Review Sheets X X
ReqPro Folder Requisite Pro database and reports X X
Port Documents:
PSAC- XXXX Plan for Software Aspects of Certification X  
SSVP-XXXX Software Safety Validation Plan   X
PSRD-XXXX Port Software Requirements Document X X
PSDD-XXXX Port Software Design Document X X
SITP-XXXX Port Integration Test Plans and Code X X
SITProc-XXXX Target Integration Test Procedures X X
SITR-XXXX Target Integration Test Report X X
SUTP-XXXX Port Software Unit Test Plan CA/CC X X
SUTProc-XXXX Target Unit Test Procedures X X
SUTR-XXXX Target Unit Test Reports X X
SWUG-XXXX Software Users Guide X  
SM-XXXX Safety Manual   X
SCM-XXXX Software Correlation Matrix / Test Coverage Report X X
SCI-XXXX Software Life Cycle Environment Configuration Index/Software Configuration Index X X
SAS-XXXX Software Accomplishment Summary X X
DRS-XXXX-XX Document Review Sheets X X
CRS-XXXX-XX.x Code Review Sheets X X
VSQA-YYYY Process Review Checklists and Audit Reports X X
ReqPro Folder Requisite Pro database and reports X X
Results Folder Intermediate lint and test results X X
Lint Folder Lint static analysis configuration files X X
CTQP-XXXX Compiler Tool Qualification Plan X X
VSTD-CTQP Cantata Tool Qualification Plan X X